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History Akitas of Hadjime-Yoshi   trotsedurga

Hadjime-Yoshi is an American Akita kennel with over 24 years of experience concerning the breed. Of which 22 years as a breeder.

Hadjime-Yoshi also is part of a select group of true American Akita fanciers that -opposite to some- did NOT kick their American Akitas out of the house when during the years (1995 - end of 1999) before the breed split, their black mask, markings and coat color suddenly became a fault in the show ring. NEITHER did we put down any of our dogs during those difficult years that the American type of Akita could no longer win at the FCI-shows.   

Momentarily, we enjoy the company of 12 American Akitas, 5 Akitas and 1 Kishu that can live peacefully together in one single group. They're allowed to play and run free on the property -a diary farm- and incase of nice weather; take a lazy sun bath. Our American Akitas do NOT need to be locked up when people are visiting. Our dogs are NOT only kept in cages or kennels. Not even at night! They cozily sleep and eat as one loving family in the same large room.

Due to lack of space inside the house, we can not have all of them indoors at the same time. So we have them inside the house at turns and have to admit that the older ones are a bit more spoiled on that matter. 

No less than ten and therefore the majority of our four legged family members, were born at Hadjime-Yoshi's. While one of the remaining three -Durga- was co-bred. A unique case within both Dutch and Belgian borders when it comes to the American Akita. Individual info about our American Akitas can be found on the page "our dogs".

Because we highly value selection on health, temperament and beauty, each year only half of our bitches at the max are allowed to satisfy one of their primary instincts by raising a litter. Selecting on health to us also means we do not mind using stud dogs owned by other breeders. Not even if we have to travel as far as Sweden to use a certain stud dog. This to insure ourselves of a gene pool as wide as possible.

We NEVER breed more than once a year with one and the same bitch. NEVER breed our bitches before they have reached the age of 2 years or after they have become 8 years of age. Also, our ENTIRE breeding stock has been checked for Hip-Dysplasia, eye problems, Patella-Luxation and Elbow-Dysplasia. Next to that, we take the utmost care when it comes to raising and socializing the puppies. 


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